Flowdiver stands for coaching / guidance for all people who want to explore their creativity, either in a professional or personal way.

My goal:
To make sure that you will enjoy your own creativity and that you can start or get better at making the things you want!

My target audience:
All people that want to express themselves creatively either on a personal or professional level, no matter which discipline or form you prefer to work in.

My vision:
I believe every person has a creative flow to take inspiration and energy from.

Not every person is able to get in touch with this flow. This could be caused by external influences (The current worksituation, the staggering amount of options that this time offers) or internal influences (insecurities, the life you lived).

In my opinion, this is very unfortunate, as the the creative flow inside a person can be one of the main element that can enrich a persons’ life in terms of energy, ideas and overall happiness.

Through coaching sessions and giving advice, I want to work with you, to find and/or improve your creative flow!

Situations in which I can help!

– You are stuck in your creative process and you don’t know how to make progress.
– You are internally blocked in your creativity (writers block).
– You are overrun by ideas but you are not sure what works best for you.
– Your own thoughts and emotions are in the way of full creative expression.
– You work as a creative professional, but you feel like you are stuck in a rut.

All sorts of people are welcome to make use of my coaching and advice. This goes for both the people who already perform creative work and bump into problems, or people who are starting out from the very beginning.