Personal coaching sessions

Through 1-on-1 conversations, we will try to find out where the main problem comes from that you bump into. This main problem will then be analysed by us together. Based on that we will make a plan that fits your way of expression and that corresponds with what you want to achieve.

My approach is direct, specific and tailormade. By working from my own creative and business experience and looking at the facts presented by you, we can work on your questions and translate those into answers and a workable plan of action.

Everything starts with an introduction conversation in which we get to know one another and in which we talk about what the main problem is and what could possibly be the right approach to tackle that. This first session will be offered for free and will take 30 minutes. This session can take place in real life at my own studio or on location in the Netherlands, or through Skype/other contact means. After this first introduction session we will decide how many consults we both think will be required.

A standard set of 1-on-1 coaching sessions consists of 8 sessions of an hour. These will be charged per session by invoice. If required, more sessions can be added.

Every session will then be dedicated to a part of a plan made by myself with the information you provided, to work on a specific element of that plan. By working like this, we can track the progress we are making and reach the goal we both want to reach. The amount of sessions will in the end depend on the goal and how quickly progress is made depending on the clients’ willingness to invest in this.

Group/Band guidance & coaching

I am also available for group- and band sessions to analyse, discuss and tackle problems and challenges that every creative working group can face.

This will start with a group analysis made by me in which I look at the roles of people within the group and how people function within said roles. Together with the members of the group, a plan will be made and a goal will be set to work towards. This process will bot involve group conversations as well as individual conversations to get the most optimal results from these sessions.


Workshops can also be provided to groups about subjects such as inspiration, writing, production and related subjects. These workshops will be tailormade to the wishes of the client. These can vary from a presentation taking approximately 20 minutes (Monologue style) to a full group session with question- and answer options with a length of 60 minutes.

Within the presentation I will address subjects that fit the chosen theme of the day. These will also be supported by tailormade example materials. The subjects of these presentations will be discussed with the clients in advance.